Video Games:: @AssassinsCreed Unity

You’re guaranteed a few things in March:

1. March Madness, and no one winning the billion dollars from H&R Block

2. People getting  wasted on Saint-Patrick’s Day

3. A leak/announcement on the next Assassin’s Creed

This year didn’t disappoint, Ubisoft was pretty quiet on any details for AC on it’s last investor call, it didn’t look like there was going to be any announcement, until two screen shots were leaked to Kotaku earlier this week. The shots were WIP [Work in Progress], for a project titled Unity. The shots were pretty stunning, and a good indicator of where we are going for Next-Gen current gen  in terms of graphics.

Well today Ubisoft has owned the leak, and has up the ante for all of us to salivate, and have dropped a one minute video of what the game will look like, and FUCK ME IS IT GORGEOUS!!

Assassin’s Creed Unity looks like it will be set in France during the French Revolution, which was teased in a email inside Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. No doubt this is a huge bomb Ubisoft has dropped, since fans have been very vocal for quite some time that this is period and location they would like to see the in the franchise. This is only the start, I’m sure they won’t disappoint when they make a full announcement during E3.

AC_Unity AC_Unity1AC_Unity2

Video Games:: @TheDivisionGame shows off what #PS4 & #XB1 games will look like!

During GDC (Game Developers Conefrence) the guys at Massive Studio (located in Malmo Sweden), showed off their engine Snowdrop. This is really impressive stuff what they’re saying as it looks like they’ll be able to play around with the all the elements more efficiently. Massive is using the engine to produce the highly anticipated game: The Division.

This is the latest update we have on The Division since it was announced at last year’s E3 by Ubisoft. Gamers are excited from what was promised in their trailer, much similar to the year before when Ubi had announced Watch Dogs. A lot of what is shown, and told sounds promising, I just wouldn’t take it all so literally since New York doesn’t have a huge forest in the area!

Ubisoft has been on a roll lately, last year they released; Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Rayman Legends, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and Rocksmith 2014. It looks like they’re continuing the winning streak this year already with South Park: The Stick of Truth, and the upcoming releases of Child of Light, Watch Dogs, and The Crew.

The Division Snowdrop The Division SnowDrop 2 The Division Snowdrop 4 The Divison Snowdrop 1

Sneakers:: @adidas #ElementRefine


Photos from: Sneaker Freaker

Adidas has just released a new light sneaker called Element Refine. This isn’t just a name to promote the latest minimal looking sneaker, it also has a light carbon foot print. The upper is one piece and is constructed of 90% PET material. The Element Refine has a unique circular mesh which is attributed to the use of the recycled tricot woven fabric. I’m really digging this shoe due to it’s minimal design, and it’s sock like construction, definitely a good pick up for this Spring/Summer.   

They’re available in four colors (Solar Slime, Black, Navy/Black, Red/Black/Red [looks like Purple to me]) at Footlocker, Champs, Footaction, and on Adidas’ online store for $70.

adidas-element-refine-js-1-800x533 adidas-element-refine-js-2-800x533 adidas-element-refine-js-3-800x533

Music:: @SBTRKT ‘Transitions’ EP


At the start of the New Year SBTRKT dropped a new track ‘Runaway‘, which messed up a lot of people’s “anticipated album for 2014” list since no word of an album was mentioned. ‘Runaway’ was SBTRKT in top form with his signature production, with smooth vocals, but since January not much is known about the follow up to his massive self-titled debut album. In the meantime we have 3 new EPs with 6 tracks in total, which SBTRKT had this to say about them on his website:

“This is music written over the last year, whilst recording for my second album. Much of the music I released before my debut album was instrumental and I want to continue to share this side of the music I make. This series of tracks is titled TRANSITIONS. “.

Transitions EPs are set to release date on May 14th for Vinyl, as well you can pre-order each EP separately, or all three together in MP3, WAV, or FLAC formats, on his website.

There is some interesting animation stuff with the colors of cover on the site, just click your mouse, hold it for a few seconds, then scroll away for a few seconds, it’s very subtle but very well done!  The artwork was done by anonymous designer A Hidden Place, who also did all the masks for SBTRKT (check out the interview with OkayAfrica).


Music:: @BigJacks ‘Playing it Cool’ [DJ Mix]


Toronto’s Big Jacks keeps turning out quality mixes continuously. I got put onto him a while ago from my buddies at WRGMag, when he turned in a killer funk mix, I mean solid OBGs (oldies but goodies) that make the biggest funk snob’s head bob.

For this outing he doesn’t disappoint, this time creating the perfect mix that’ll have you itching for Spring. The mix is laced with tropical laid back nu-disco/funk R&B vybes, from Montreal’s Kaytranda‘s remix of Janet Jackson, to Moon Boots ‘Got Somebody’, to the brilliant Holy Ghost cover of Drake’s ‘Hold On, which feels like more of a HG track as opposed to Drake. I love how Big Jack is not afraid to let a track end, and start the mix up again, as he did with the super smooth track ‘We Are on the Move’ by Zo! feat Eric Roberson & Phonte . So many dope tracks, I can go on and on about this mix, seriously though for a minute I thought this was a Vikter Duplaix mix it’s that groovy and smooth!

Be sure to check out more of Big Jack’s mixes after the jump.


Tuxedo Funk – so good
Alexander O’neal – you were meant to be my lady (Buscrates 16 bit Ensemble remix)
Janet Jackson – if (Kaytranada remix)
Cole Co – you’re so fine
Moon Boots – got somebody
Brother in Arms – Jamaican gyal
Holy Ghost – hold on, we’re coming home
Majid Jordan – hold tight
Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn – more for the less
Zo! feat. Eric Roberson & Phonte – we are on the move
Tuxedo Funk – do it
Twilight – you’re in love (Kon remix)
The Pendletons feat. K-Maxx – let me turn you on
XL Middleton & Eddy Funkster feat. Zackey Force Funk – press play
Tiny Hearts – snow cold
Turquoise Summer – all over again
Mayer Hawthorne – her favourite song (Oliver remix)
Shi Wisdom – lovespeak (Kutcorners x Big Jacks remix)
Snoop Dogg & Dam Funk – let it go
Proh Mic – i like
K-Maxx – cupcakin’
Aaliyah – rock the boat (Shash’u x Dam Funk remix)
Ty Dolla Sign – paranoid (The Freshest remix)

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Music:: Unreleased Daft Punk + Kanye West Produced Track for Jay Z

Daft Punk

Apparently Daft Punk, and Kanye West had teamed up and produced a track for Jay Z‘s latest album: Magna Carta Holy Grail, titled ‘Computerized’. Aside from Daft Punks vocals, you can definitely hear their production on the track, although it sounds like something they would’ve produced before Random Access Memories, which could be possible since MCHG was in production as early as 2010. For unknown reasons the track didn’t make the cut on the album, but I thinks it’s because Jay wanted MCHG to that 90’s feel, and Computerized definitely doesn’t really fit with the album’s sound.

Video:: ‘Move That Dope’ Future feat. Pusha T and Pharrell

Move That Dope Future Pusha T Pharrell

Future‘s latest track “Move That Dope” produced by Mike Will, feat. Pusha T, and Pharrell gets the video treatment. The video dropped Casino’s verse from the track, as well has no reason appearances from Wiz Khalifa, Tyler the Creator, and School Boy Q.